How to Care after FUE Hair Transplant. Dr. Navdeep Goyal, MBBS, DNB.

Immediate after FUE Hair Transplant

  • A Saline bottle and a syringe are prescribed on discharge for spraying on the transplanted area immediately after FUE hair transplant.
  • You will need to spray the transplanted area every 10 – 15 minutes for the first 3-4 days. When doing this put some towels around your shoulders and let all the water drip down
  • Do not touch the transplanted hair.
  • Once you have completed the 12 hours of spraying you should sleep.
  • You may use tap water when the sterile water provided is finished.
  • Spraying prevents any scab formation on the transplanted area and on the donor area. The transplanted grafts also need to be kept hydrated throughout this period, this is essential for their survival.
  • Drink plenty of water during this time and eat as normal.

Day 1- Day 3

  • Don’t worry about the pain, it is mild which is bound to happen.
  • Take proper medicines as per prescription. Take proper milk/food prior to taking the medicines. Please don’t take medicines empty stomach.
  • Night of your procedure and next few nights:- Sleep with head elevated.
  • Get your bandage removed after 24 hours.

Day 4- Day 14

  • You will commence a Ketoconazole shampoo regime on day 4
  • Fill a mug of tepid water, put 10 ml of shampoo in and mix it up to make it quite soapy and with a cup or bowl, pour the solution over the transplanted area and the donor area, and rinse off any soapy solution with plenty of water.
  • This should be done once a day from day 4 up until day 12.
  • Do not stand under a power shower and do not wear a tight hat during this time. Do not use any product in your hair. Allow your hair to dry naturally, do not towel dry or blow-dry your hair
  • You may continue spraying the donor area during days 4 to 14 to relieve any itchiness. You may keep the spray bottle in the fridge.

Day 12 of Hair Transplant

If there is any scabbing on the transplanted area, you can apply moisturizer (like Ponds, Nivea, Vaseline, or any body lotion moisturizer available at home) over the transplanted area about a half-hour before taking bath. This will soften the scabs and help in dislodging them. Keep doing gentle massage with your fingers till scabs clear off. During this many grafts will break off and fall. Nothing to worry, it’s normal. They are just breaking from shafts. See the link for a video by clicking here.

  • Mild rubbing is permissible. You can use minoxidil lotion or other lotions as per the instruction by the doctor. Grafts start falling at this time, but nothing to worry as it will start growing again within 3-4 months.

Post-Operative Swelling

This can be possible but nothing to worry about. This could be visible towards the forehead and can be there up to 4-8 days. It can be avoided or minimized by strict bed rest for the initial 2-3 days after transplant.

You may be prescribed medicines for growth after transplant. These may include Minoxidil lotion, Tab Finasteride, and hair supplement vitamins.

Information about Hair Transplant

  • It is important to note that the transplanted hair will be fully embedded after day 14, that is why you can resume your normal activities at this stage
  • The transplanted hair will begin to fall out, usually 2 to 4 weeks after the surgery. You may not see any growth for the initial 2-3 months.
  • You can expect reasonable hair growth at 6 to 7 months after the surgery, this hair will be very fine and minute at first
  • At 6 months 70% the hair will have appeared; however, they won’t be fully grown, it will take up to 18 months for a full growth to occur
  • Shedding of the native hair can also sometimes occur postoperatively. This is quite rare and if it occurs it will always re-grow

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