General instructions on How to plan your FUE hair transplant at Navdeep hospital and hair transplantation clinic, Panipat.

  • You should reach hospital at 08.00 am on your date of surgery.
  • Blood tests (HB, TLC, DLC, RBS, BT, CT, HBsAg, HIV-Card, HCV and ECG etc.) are done prior to the hair transplant surgery. These tests take about 1 hour. Cost Rs 1100/-.
  • Consent is taken before surgery.

Cost / Price payments:

  1. a) Advance for booking– Rs 2000 (NON REFUNDABLE) for Hair Transplant must be deposited prior into the given bank. This is typically done to confirm your appointment.
    1. Bank – Kotak Mahindra Bank, Account no.  1411675153. IFSC code KKBK0000293. In the name of Navdeep hospital. Kotak Mahindra Bank SWIFT Code : KKBKINBB
    2. BHIM / UPI PAY –   [email protected]Bhim app scan code
    3. Cash payment.
  2. b) Final Payment– Final payment can be done to the doctors by the date of surgery. You can opt any of the given payment mode as per your convenience i.e via Cash/ Online transfer/ Bhim app/ Credit card. Payments by Cheque must be done 3 days prior so that it is cleared by the date of surgery.
  3. 18% GST extra (applicable to hair transplants).
  4. Cost of Antibiotic Medicine and Shampoo after transplant is Approximately Rs 1000.

Instructions before Hair Transplant:-

  • Avoid wearing T-shirts, other thermal under garments that need to wear from head. Wear regular shirts / Jackets at the time of hair restoration procedure.
  • If you are hair are dandruff prone, wash your head daily with Ketoconazole Shampoo for 7 days prior to the hair transplant. This shampoo is easily available at almost all the chemist shops.
  • Shampoo your hairs properly before coming for the procedure. Rinse hairs thoroughly and use a clean towel to dry your hair. Strict NO to oil, sprays or gels to your hair before surgery. If you wear a wig, please make sure to remove it prior to your morning shower.
  • Avoid Smoking/Alcohol/Gutka etc few days before and after hair transplant.
  • Stop taking Minoxidil, Finasteride at least 2-3 weeks before going for hair loss treatment.
  • Avoid taking blood thinning medications like aspirin for a few days before hair transplant after consulting your physician.
  • Please share any medical problems with your doctor in advance to avoid any hassle during the surgery process.
  • Do not come to clinic empty stomach. Have healthy, digestible breakfast or lunch before the procedure. Avoid spicy food.
  • It is advisable, not to carry valuables like gold etc to the clinic. Bring along a towel while coming.
  • If you opt Body Hair Transplant (BHT), it is advisable to shave the possible body donor area (Beard, Chest, pubic, armpit, back or thighs) hairs exactly 4 days prior of your procedure date.
  • Please reach one evening prior to the day of your procedure for Counseling with Dr Navdeep Goyal so you have an entire evening to think over the doctor’s advice and can better make an informed decision. Click pictures of your hairline and area to be covered with your cell phone and think over it overnight so you are better prepared for the counseling  and procedure in the morning.

For Video on Instructions click here

FAQ – Frequently asked questions about FUE hair transplant video. 


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