FUE Hair transplant Cost in Delhi NCR

Transplant Cost for Delhi

The cost of FUE hair transplant is a key factor for everyone considering hair replacement options. The cost of your hair transplant procedure is determined on a “per graft” basis according to your individual hair replacement needs. Each graft contains on average about 2-3 grafts. This average varies from person to person.

Cost for FUE hair transplant surgery:

Cost depends on several factors:

  • method of extraction (FUT or FUE),
  • area of baldness,
  • the hairline design,
  • donor quality,
  • status of existing hairs
  • and density needed.

These vary from patient to patient and hence needs proper assessment. It also depends on patient’s attitude. So, it is never the same for every one. Pl. understands that, any cosmetic surgery has to be done as per patients wish-not as per doctor’s wish. Our job is to understand patient’s wish and then do the surgery, as he wants. Your happiness is what is important. So any estimate is sent is an approximation. You have to finally approve the precise number. In general, 1 sq cm needs a minimum of 30-35 grafts (and 40-45 for better results). DO NOT MAKE ESTIMATE BY YOURSELF. To know the number of grafts needed for you, pl. send your photos; front, side, top and back close-up views.

We need an advance payment of Rs. 5000/- to book the surgery, either by card / cash / cheque / online transfer. NO date will be confirmed without advance.

Cost of Hair transplant is Rs 10/- per Graft for FUE Hair Transplant. Each graft has on average 2-3 hairs. This average varies for person to person.

Navdeep hospital and hair transplantation clinic‘s hair restoration is a natural and permanent solution as hairs taken from the back of head usually dont fall in life time.Hair transplant emi option is avialable. Please contact and confirm before procedure for emi option for hair transplant. For hair transplant on EMI, you have to make payment by credit card and you can get EMI from Bank.