Why Navdeep Hair transplant clinic

We strongly beleive that you are paying you are paying your hard earned money to get your hair transplant done by qualified doctors.  Thats the reason, In all the cases done in our clinic Counselling, Hair line designing, Punching and Stabbing are done by Dr Navdeep Goyal only.

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If you need information on booking you can visit our instructions before transplant page.

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Dr Navdeep Goyal, FUE Hair transplant Expert, Navdeep hair transplant clinic, Best & low cost, Panipat, Haryana, India.

Dr Navdeep Goyal

Director Navdeep Hospital

Critical Care Specialist. Special interest in Hair transplant

Dr Marrilin Gupta Panipat Haryana India best doctor

Dr Marrilin Gupta

Managing director


navdeep hospital natural safe permanent low cost hair transplant center panipat

Our Story

Navdeep Hospital was established in 2008, Replacing Dr Navdeep’s clinic since 2006. Since the establishment of hospital our patient base has been growing and now we cater to patients from all over India and abroad. Word of mouth or mouth to mouth publicity works best for us. We believe that if our patients are satisfied with our work, we automatically get many more references.