What is the Right age for FUE Hair transplant???

How young is too young to begin considering a hair transplant?

A lot of factors must be weighed to determine the right age for intervention. Dr. Navdeep Goyal addresses these factors in this post.

Male hair loss

What age is too young to get a hair transplant? At what age should I start using Minoxidil? These are common questions among those suffering male pattern hair loss. First signs of which can often appear in the late teens and early 20s.

Since no two heads are exactly alike, a definitive age for someone to get a hair transplant cannot be given. If anyone simply tells you, “age 25” turn around and bolt for the door.

When a relatively young man comes to my office, I examine his individual level of hair loss, its pattern, and take a family history. Oftentimes an individual is coming to see me get a second opinion after visiting another clinic that “sells” hair restoration/hair transplant. Many clinics will gladly perform a transplant on a 20-year-old. As a result, can have delivered unfortunate results down the road without reviewing history.

This happens when hair is transplanted from the back of the head too, say, restore hair to the temples. Things may look fine for a few years until the temple recessions accelerate from a Norwood 2A to a Norwood 4A, which is a perfectly foreseeable trajectory of male pattern baldness. You are left withf tufts of robust hairs unnaturally and insufficiently distributed amidst a bald area.

Furthermore, if you are experiencing hair loss in your 20s, several decades of hair loss is likely to be in your future. Since there are a finite number of donor grafts that can be harvested from the back of the head, you don’t want to use the majority of the viable donor grafts all up through multiple sessions by the time you are 35. Even men who have had transplants in their 40s can suffer similar results down the road.

So how is someone to know the correct way to make age-appropriate hair transplant decisions? The answer is this cannot be done via a web search or by visiting clinics with a sales team with monthly targeted sales goals. Your age, your unique hair loss situation, your expectations, and your family history must be taken into account.

I urge you to seek out a very reputable hair restoration doctor and clinic that is known for giving sound advice, not one that tries to sell you something you may or may not need. Indeed, great results can oftentimes be achieved without a transplant at all, by administering finasteride and minoxidil. Non-surgical treatments such as low-level laser therapy are also effective in many cases, as is platelet-rich plasma.

If a transplant is determined to be in your best interest at your current age, it’s important that the physician is extremely experienced in designing the right hairline for your age and face, and taking into account the likelihood of future hair loss. The goal is a transplant that is completely undetectable to your family and your friends.

Vet your doctor thoroughly. Is he or she attending the CME’s regularly? Does the physician make you feel comfortable? Study their curriculum vitae and hair transplant reviews by real patients.

Physician should offer consultations with absolutely no pressure to decide or buy. Contact me when you are ready to discuss age-appropriate hair restoration that is the right course for you.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_custom_heading text=”Contact Us”][contact-form-7 id=”10926″][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_empty_space][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Right age for FUE hair transplant
Right age for FUE hair transplant