Navdeep Hospital and Hair transplant center is a non-government, private, multispeciality hospital in Panipat, India. It is located in 112, Sukhdev Nagar, Panipat. The hospital, which is named after Dr Navdeep Goyal, was established in 2009 to provide medical care to natives of Panipat, Haryana, Delhi, chandigarh and nearby states.

AIM: To provide affordable healthcare to the general public. Medical services are greatly subsidized.

All medical and surgical specialities like urology, neurosurgery, oncosurgery, gynaecology, general surgery, Plastic surgery, orthopaedics and dental clinics are available in the hospital. Hospital also boasts of a latest 9 inch High Frequency C Arm from Allengers and X Ray machine by GE. 24 hours lab facilities are available in the hospital.

Following surgeries are routinely done in our hospital.

  1. NDVH
  2. LAVH
  3. PCNL
  4. TURP
  5. Laparoscopic cholecystectomy
  6. hernia repair, hernioplasty, herniorraphy
  7. Appendicectomy
  8. LSCS
  9. Various fractures and other orthopaedic surguries.
  10. Artificial dentures
  11. Smile designing